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Why study Spanish?

Study spanish language in Salamanca with our courses and business practices.


Growing business and employment opportunities

There are many reasons to start to study a new language. Nowadays competition at work is becoming stronger, job opportunities are becoming less and we have to improve, enrich and learn new things to differentiate ourselves from the rest.
To know more or less languages can make the difference between one person and another and Spanish is the best choice because is the second most spoken language behind only the Chinese and It is the second language of international comunication after English.


• Every day we are more Spanish speakers!

Currently, more than 495 million people speak Spanish. And it is estimated that in 2030, 7’5 percent of the world population will be Spanish-speaking. (535 millions of people).

If you’re still not convinced, You must know that 18 million of students choose the Spanish as a foreign language to study.


•You want to learn but, are you afraid of not getting the desired results?

Now if you are more or less decided to learn a new language and to study in Spain but you think that It will be very difficult and you will not be able to get it, don’t worry! We will help you.

Spanish Courses Unamuno offers a variety of courses for learning Spanish as a foreign language, some of which are accredited by the Pontifical University of Salamanca, with practical methods that will ensure fast and effective learning

And that will offer you the opportunity to learn a new culture and enjoy a youthful and multicultural atmosphere.

Because Salamanca is one of the most famous university towns and more foreign students have


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En la variedad está el gusto, Alemanes, Italianos y Americanos juntos para aprender español. :)

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Y con este divertido vídeo que hicieron algunas de nuestras alumnas italianas damos comienzo a una nueva semana.

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